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Bottom Magnetic Mixer (PEW MM)

Vessels other than Bioreactors like media preparation, buffer preparation, etc., which are part of the bioprocess require mixing. Magnetic mixers are used in these types of vessels. The Magnetic Mixers are similar to the Magnetic agitator other than the impellers and normally come without a shaft. The Magnetic Mixer is designed for liquid mixing applications and complies with the most stringent clean ability and sterilization requirements. Magnetic Mixers are totally cleanable and sterilization in place .This factor is very important in the cGMP compliant


Absolutely tight system - No danger of contamination and leakage.

Optimal for aseptic production - No influence on the integrity of the system.


Easy cleaning and sterilization - Can be done directly in the vessel by steam or water.

Control of temperature- The optimized mixing effect allows a temperature control, which was more difficult before at batch wise sterilization.

Low shearing force - The careful mixing allows handling of sensitive products.

Easy assembly - Assembling and dismantling is very easier comparing a top-driven mixer which often requires a mechanical lifting device.

Available capacity- 100liters to 10,000 Liters capacity.

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