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Corporate Responsibility
As a responsible company, Rusan Pharma Ltd. strives to operate in a way that reflects our values, culture, and respect for our customers. We at Rusan are dedicated to creating a wide range of ideas, products and services that improve health and well-being of the public. Our responsibilities and potential impact, branches out far beyond the medicines we sell. For example, treating drug addicts by supporting non-government organizations (NGOs), we can help them to live accountable drug-free lives. To be responsible and accountable - socially, ethically and environmentally - is to be trusted. We need that trust to serve the society and support a sustainable enterprise.
Protecting the Environment
A healthy planet and a healthy community go hand in hand. We are increasing our efforts on environmental sustainability by finding better, eco-friendly catalysts. We need to optimise efficiency and increase our use of renewable materials and energy. Judicious use of clean water is also our top priority.

Our People
Rusan recognizes that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our work environment. Part of our responsibility is to take care of the health and mental well-being of all our employees. We provide support programs and services to help our employees live healthier and safer lives – at work, home and on the road. Our feedback services extend not just for our customers but also for our employees who have a direct and confidential means of communicating with our chairman.

Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders. Rusan realizes this and plans to invest in a brighter future. Offering internship and scholarship opportunities to talented young students is part of Rusan’s responsibility. This will not only help us attract the best and the brightest talent, but also give graduates a chance to get valuable work-experience and training.
Work ethics
At Rusan we are committed to creating a strong ethical work culture. Profit without principle is short lived therefore putting patients first is the core principle of being an ethical pharmaceutical company. We try to instil in all our employees ethical values such as:
  • Patience
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Transparent work culture
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