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Chronic pain in the current time and age is a significant health problem that needs to be effectively tackled. It is estimated that chronic pain of moderate to severe intensity affects approximately 20% of the world’s adult population, seriously impacting their social and working lives. Despite being a significant health problem, most patients receive inadequate pain management.

Rusan Pharma is committed to the effective management of chronic pain and has a range of drugs depending on the severity of the problem. At present, there are a variety of treatments available and due to the technological advancements, more and more drugs are being developed. The ultimate goal at Rusan Pharma is to help alleviate or reduce the severity of pain and improve the quality of life in those patients’ with chronic pain.

Solutions as per Pain Types

Following these firm values, Rusan aims to be amongst the most admired pharmaceutical company both in India & abroad, by the turn of this decade.

Mild to Moderate Pain Freedom from pain

Medicines like Bioran (Diclofenac Tablets, Dispersible tablet, Injections, Gel) are used to treat mild to moderate pain caused due to sprains and strains of joints and muscles. It also accelerates relief from pain after an injury or due to a long-term condition such as juvenile arthritis.

Bioran® Product Range

Moderate to Severe Pain Freedom from pain

Medicines including Tradol, Rubuphine, Addnok etc. are used to treat moderate to severe pain by reducing the sending of pain messages to the brain thus reducing the feeling of pain.

Tradol® Product Range

Rubuphine Product Range

Addnok® Product Range

Codamol Product Range

Severe Pain Freedom from pain

Medicines such as Rumorf, Fenstud etc. help to relieve severe ongoing pain caused by various conditions including pain after surgery, pain in cancer patients, etc.

RuPatch® Product Range

Fenstud® Product Range

Rumorf® Product Range

R-meth Product Range

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